Inside this coffin (Oh Ohh Ohh)
Inside this coffin made for two
Inside this coffin (Oh Ohh Ohh)
I will be waiting here for you”


Well, evil prevails
On the night you left your home 
And I’ll take you away


I’m born with an endless love
Killer heart in the wasteland
I’m born with a scorpion
Killer heart in the wasteland


Leather pressed I envy how you scream
In your hands claw me
Hynotic hybrid dreams
The howls, they’re only gonna be sung
Night seeps into light
I am not allowed to bite
I can only wish for it
I can only wait for the moment of…

In the backseat of my hearse
We quit our talking
The moon reveals its curse

Like a horror movie on a Friday night
You are not happy with your life
Why do you act like everybody?
Music in my blood, it’s a sinister beat
Demonic deeds and graveyard treats
See you from the stage and we must know
Can we drink your blood after the show


January 2015. Are you ready?



Calabrese performing “Ride With The Living Dead” at Lola’s in Fort Worth on September 4, 2013! Part of the “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch Tour”!


Tempting the devil’s heart, know your plan
To hold back the surge of hell’s living dead
Through my eyes I see the world
Different than yours
Different than anybody else
No one else

Wandering alone, yeah
At night, vision’s so blurry
With the heat steam of your body
Sweat drips like kamikaze
And at night I am the warmest
And at night I know the best place
To keep you under starlight
To keep you gone

Their bodies burned with a ghostly fire
Lost island South Pacific desire
Grass skirt and hula girls, yeah
Cannibals of holocaust  
Shameful lust in paradise on holiday
Sun and vice

Deep rivers, dark jungles in the rain
Prowl mountain tops, primitives designed to win the game

Are you ready?